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Best Panchkarma Treatment Center in Ranchi


Best Panchkarma Treatment Center in Ranchi

kerala ayurvedshala panchkarma center Harmu,Ranchi is the best panchakarma treatment center for cleansing the body.Panchakarma treatment is the oldest one in ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of life this method is the best treatment for detox,weight loss,stress free mind,restoring tissue,imporves your brain power and digestive system to get healty life. Kerala Ayurvedshala Panchkarma Center Dhanbad is one of the top ayurvedshala there are five types of therapy in panchakarma.Basti,Nasya,Vamana,Virechana,Raktamokshana this therapy clean your toxins and metabolic waste from the body and balance your life.

Basti- According to Ayurveda, Basti is a major cure for most ailments from constipation and allergies to skin inflammation and extreme fatigue.These diseases occur when there is an imbalance of all the three doshas in the body for best treatment in kerala ayurvedshala panchkarma center Vata (nervous system) Pitta (digestion and metabolic energy) and Kapha (physiological structure).

Nasya- Nasya is a therapy of Ayurveda. It is used to remove disorders occurring in the supraclavicular upper part of the shoulder. It has also been said to be effective for insomnia. It is a condition in which a person either does not sleep or sleeps only for a while.

Vamana- In this therapy, the stomach is cleansed by using drugs that induce vomiting. The toxic substances are removed from the body by making vomiting. Patent granted for this device to make this therapy simple and convenient .

Virechana- Through Virechana therapy of Ayurveda, the accumulated dirt and toxins in the body are removed from the anus through herbal medicines. When there is an excess of pitta dosha in the patient's body, Ayurvedic doctors recommend Virechana Karma .

Raktamokshana- Raktamokshana therapy for skin Vitiligo,wart skin it is very oldtherapy in ayurveda to get help skin problems.

Why Choose Us?

kerala ayurvedshala panchkarma center Harmu Ranchi is the oldest and tursted center in state. Ayurvedic therapy is one of the oldest therapy system in the world We provides best therapies treatment for all problems with best docotors,our branch in all over jharkhand.We provides best facilities with your family care.