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Treatment for Hypertension

The advanced technology has changed the complete human lifestyle. The human species has shown the significance of their existence in the world with the help of ever-changing technology and has achieved great heights in every field. But in attaining this position, the human body has become the most ignorant element. It has lead to various health problems which are highly dangerous and can be painful physically as well as mentally for the patient. One such problem is hypertension or high blood pressure. It increases the rate of blood flow in the arteries and causes several heart problems like stroke, heart failure, vision problems, obesity, and certain chronic kidney diseases. Here at Kerala Ayurveda Center, we provide relief from such problems for an extended period as well as some other issues related to it. We offer medications which are made up of homemade products and do not contain any chemical substances. We provide complete relaxation to body and mind that will lead to a tension free life to avoid this kind of problem. Our treatment includes various types of massages and therapies with the help certain oils and powders enriched with necessary minerals and proteins which are healthy for the human body.

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