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Slip Disc Treatment

Slip disc can hit anyone due to prior injury or weakness. Occurring of this problem may cause severe problems in the future. The slip disc can be understood as the protruding of the disc at the vertebra which causes pain and difficulty in movement of the body. At further stages, it may make walking tormenting too. The treatment of slip disc as suggested by many doctors is surgery. When it sounds horrifying to many, Ayurveda comes to rescue. Kerala Ayurveda Center knows the needs of the patients. Hence, it provides noninvasive treatments for the slip disc. The ayurvedic medicines and therapies are of a great help to facilitate quick healing. Yoga and meditation also add to the faster treatment of the patient. Our clients have approved that the pain is reduced within days. However, the total healing time depends upon the physical condition and stage of the problem.The Ayurvedic doctors at our center use massages like Elakizhi, Vasti, and Kativasti for the treatment. We provide the best facilities to the patient during the treatment time such that he will not have to face any difficulty due to us. The patient’s comfort and healing is our priority at Kerala Ayurveda Centre. Check this page if you are looking for dental implants.

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