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De-addiction and Rehabilitation

De-addiction and rehabilitation are also known as a drug rehab program. It is a medical and psychological therapy to help the addicts who are depended on specific drugs and alcohol. There are social, financial, legal, mental and physical problems faced by the addicts. Therefore, the need for rehabilitation arises.Drug addiction is one of the leading problems now, especially in youth. And it can only be solved by providing specific necessary knowledge to the citizen about the substance abuse. Kerala Ayurveda Center is one of the biggest rehabilitation centers in the city that has saved the lives of many addicts. It provides treatment for the substance abuse as well as various body problems.Our service includes various steps and process like treatment for disorders, counseling and different sessions that help the addict to open up with the society and interact freely. Whenever the patient stops the intake of the regular drug, its body starts responding negatively as it has become addicted to it. Check mylenders.Therefore, as the initial step of the therapy, we provide the necessary medication to the addicts, so that blood pressure and other essential body elements are intact. Our center revives the lives of drug addicts and makes them capable of being a healthy part of this society. We provide specific necessary retreats that help the body to become independent of drugs and make it respond positively to nature.

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